Will it run? (Radeon HD4870 with 600w PSU)

I got a Ultra X-Finity 600W Power Supply and I'm concerned whether or not the 4870 will run its best with this power supply.
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  1. It should run no problems....500w is just about ok (min specs according to ati)....550 upwards and you are fine....that is unless you have 20 hdds or something.
  2. I don't really like that brand too much but 600W is more than enough for 1 of any video card.
  3. It is AMD certified for 4870:

    AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):
  4. A full system with a Radeon 4870 on load will consume about 280 to 300 watt. Needless to say, a 600w power supply will run it without any problems.
  5. i agree with theblackbird. You'd probably be able to crossfire two 4870's with 600w with no problems...
  6. Just calculate the watts / volts = Amp ... so if u need 350 watts when is overclocked (just an example) divide that amount between 12 (volts that the rail needs to power the videocard) and presto = 30 Amp neede aprox by videocard so u can mix 2 cables x 18 Amp (12 v1 + 12 v2) ...etc

    In crossfire double this need upto 60 amp aprox ... some PSU have 12v1 + 12v2 + 12v3 + 12v4 ... just see how much amps is given each 12v rail ...

    I hope this help u ... remember Watts/Volts = Amp ...

    The videocards always use the 12v rail ...the 3v and 5v rails are for the other components...
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