Need some help here. 9800GT overheating issues

i need some help with this

i'm running stock clocks and i'm getting crazy temps for a card like this

it's at 66C on idle

my casing's so FULL of fans that i did really crazy *** to it

the intake for the CPU is in double configuration where i attached one fan onto another (both are 80mm 2000RPM @ like 50CFM)

i added a 90mm 2000RPM onto my pci slots too(it's in reverse flow where the air comes out the front)

that one's blowing into my 9800GT's intake but it still ain't working

mind helping? I'd show some pics but someone stole my camera's memory card
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  1. maybe turn up the fan on the 9800GT.
  2. 100% dude. full throttle.
    nothing doin
    It's an XFX one too
    full copper heatsink
  3. Well you only listed your idle temps, what is your load temps?
  4. load gets to like 90 ~ 95 max on games like mirrors edge and crysis warhead
  5. Other than a defective video card, these are just suggestions that might help.

    1. Check for dust clogging up the heatsink
    2. Verifiy with multiple apps that those are your temps. GPUz, EVGA Precision, Riva Tuner.
    3. Move your video card to another computer system, if possible, and check temps. This ensures that it is not a poor airflow or high case ambient temps that is causing it.
    5. Move your video card to a different PCIe slot, if you have this option.
    6. If you're using 780i reference motherboard, the NB chipset cooler blows air to the video on the first PCIe slot, add a sheet of paper or cardboard to block this air and recheck your temps.
  6. My answers in order

    1. cant get a screw driver small enough to open the plastic cover
    2. used GPUz and Nvidia monitor
    3. Did at my friend's place. He's got the ASUS version
    5.(dunno why u skipped 4) I have none
    6. Same answer as no 5.
  7. Well as it is then you have a high temp GPU. You could try to RMA with XFX or continue to use it as it is, if you don't have any issues playing games with it.

    Good luck.
  8. thanks for the help.
    does XFX cover overseas shipping costs?
    bought it in usa but had to go back to malaysia
  9. nice rig btw
  10. You'd have to email them about shipping.
  11. hi.. i have an xfx 9800 gt with the same problem. even on a cool night like tonight, gpuz shows temps by the driver at 65C and the sensor chip at 58C. my cpu is about 38 C.
    check to see if your gpu cooler has a small square plate on the back with four tiny screws holding it in place. one of the screws on mine is not flush like the others so its my prime suspect right now. also my cooler did not have any thermal pads for the ram for some reason.
    xfx just sent a replacement cooler but its for a slightly diff model 9800gt :(.. so ill have to wait some more to find out why.

    good luck
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