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So, I'm trying to figure out what the problem is with my new build. I'm using a Q6700, Asus Striker II Extreme, an EVGA GTX 280 and the Antec Quattro 1000w PSU. Now, I'm running into this problem where the system will randomly lock-up. Whether it is in Windows, playing a game, surfing the internet, or even when booting up. I have a full version of PC-Check and everything passes. I ran Memtest+ for a full day and did not recieve a single error. The only time I even recieved a clue from the system about a problem was when I once got a BSOD while playing Crysis and got this nvlddmkm.sys. with the error codes 0x00000116 (0x80F53510, 0x8EC0F180, 0x00000002, 0x00000000). Sadly I dont have any parts or another machine to test individual parts in and I cant create an activity that will reproduce the problem everytime. So I'm trying to figure out which piece of hardware is causing the problem because everything seems to be ok when you run diagnostics? Anyone experienced this or know a solution? I would really appreciatte any help.
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  1. seeing as your memory "seems" ok (can still be bad even with memtest ok) i would say to run a chkdsk on your hard drive and the nvlddmkm.sys is part of the nvidia driver, have you updated the video card drivers? (most likely wont fix windows crashing)

    Have you overclocked anything?
  2. Check memory volts set to correct value. Are you checking CPU and GPU temps? Locking/freezing often caused by heat or HD failing to read required data due to read errors/retries. Use HDTune to check HD temp and performance of HD.

  3. Ran chkdsk overnight and it didnt find anything. The CPU runs at about 30C and the GPU runs at 45C on the desktop which seem to be fine. I'm running the free version of HD Tune right now to see if it can find anything
  4. Run Orthos or other PRIME95-based stress tester in "blend" mode for a couple of hours. However, as said before, it looks like a bug in the nVidia driver, so make sure you have the latest one installed.
  5. HD Tune didn't find anything. I have the most up to date driver for my card (the only one they've made so far). I'll try Prime95 and see what the results are
  6. system locked while running Prime 95 the system locked, but I wasn't home to find out at what time. QA+Win32 passed everything, including 2 hours of video stress tests, so I dont think the gfx card is the problem. I'm going to keep running tests but I'm starting to think it's either the memory, mobo, cpu, or psu. Wow, the list cant get much longer. lol
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