P5Q Does Not Honor Fan Control Settings when Woken from Sleep Mode


Since purchasing two P5Q's - and running Vista 64 - these boards have been rock solid. I admit I had a few issues early on - but I am past that.

One of the really cool features of Vista (for my network anyway) is it's Sleep Mode. And the fact that workstations can "wake up" to be available for updates, defrags, backups etc in the middle of the night instead of wasting valuable cycles during work time.

However - I noticed an oddity after placing one of my P5Q boards into service this past week. This rig is running the P5Q with a Q6600 Quad core, 4 GB or RAM, Seagate drives in an Antec Sonata III case. I replaced the stock CPU heatsink with a new Arctic Freezer Pro 7 and this thing is as cool as an icepack.

Within the P5Q BIOS - I am using the fan control options to control both the CPU fan and two chassis fans. I have the CPU fan control enabled and set to Standard - which gives my a rotational rate of around 1150...a nice compromise between cooling and noise.

My chassis fans are Antec TriCools...they each have a switch to adjust the speed to High, Medium or Low. I have the P5Q chassis fan BIOS option set to Standard and each of my TriCools set to High - because these fans are variable speed - I must set them to High to have them act the same (voltage wise) as a fan with no controller switch. With the P5Q controlling the voltage - my chassis fans are spinning around 1100. Again quiet and effective.

The oddity occurs when Sleep mode is activated in Vista. If I press the Sleep button on my keyboard - everything is fine. The box shuts down...fans stop...and only the annoying blue flashing LED on the front of the Antec is active.

When I press Sleep again to wake the machine - it comes up fine but my fans speed up to a rotational rate of about half of what they were prior to Sleep mode being induced. After a "wakeup" - a quick check in Lavalys Everest shows my CPU fans turing at around 655 and the chassis fans somewhere around 650. Suffice to say - things start to heat up if I leave the machine in this state for too long. A quick reboot returns the rotational rate of the fans to the values I stated above.

Is this normal? I would expect the box to recognize it's BIOS settings and get the fans back into the 1100 range as soon as it's woken up.



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  1. Sounds like a BIOS issue, try updating it.
    My current and previous mb had a temp reading problem after 'waking'
    good luck
  2. I'm having this issue with my p5q pro as well. Have you resolved it? Do both of your p5q's have this problem? I'm hopeing it's just a bios issue but i'm worried it may be a defective motherboard.
  3. Interesting. I'll monitor my P5Q -E and see if it does this.
  4. Thanks - I look forware to your results. I'm really hoping it's just a bios issue, as this board has been great so far when it comes to everything else.
  5. I installed the epu drivers and it corrected the fan wake issue. But i'm still not sure if this is a result of a bug in the bios. I might call Asus and let them know.
  6. Yep I don't have the issue... but I'm not running anything in Vista 64. In XP I have all the stuff installed, 6 engine, etc. But I don't use sleep mode in XP.
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