New Graphic Design Build Memory and CPU Questions

So I'm (still) getting ready to put a new system together but I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Would the adobe suite run better with a e8400 at around 4Ghz or a Q6600 a bit over 3GHz. I'm assuming the later, and even better for future proofing.
My real snag is 2gb or 4gb ram. The Adobe suite is coded for 32bit, so it only should use 3.XX Gigs of ram? I've read charts where photoshop is givena performance boost for having 4/6/8 gigs of ram, but how does it use this if its only 32bit? The CS4 is only 64bit on OSx :heink:

2GB VS 4Gb
Dual @ 4GHz Quad @ 3GHz
How does 32bit photoshop use 4Gb ram?
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  1. you would probably benefit from the quad core, as I notice it speed up things a lot if you use do a lot of adobe work.
  2. 32 bit photoshop uses 4 gb if you are running windows 64 (XP or Vista).
    HOW does it use it? I am not 100%, but I am sure you can set it in the options.

    also having more cores at slower speed is better.

    therefore quad at 3GHz and 4GB in 2x2 setup.
  3. Alright, I figured, After doing a google search I guees its the other way around, Windows CS4 is 64 bit, now I have a reason to upgrade to 8GB ram.
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