Graphical corruption

Does anyone know what could cause my graphics to suddenly corrupt while playing games? I'll be happily playing C&C 3 when this happens:

The game doesnt crash, but the graphics go nuts. After about 10-20 seconds, the pc normally does crash unless I manage to exit out of the game. In this case, the graphics are still messed up in windows until I reboot the pc.

This only happens in relatively newer games like C&C3, NFS Pro Street, NWN 2, Mass Effect and a bunch of others.

I'm thinking an overheating issue? My graphics card is at about 50 C in windows which seems ok to me. System specs below:

core2duo e6300
2x1gb 800mhz ddr2 ram
256mb radeon x1950 pro
win xp sp2
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  1. did you overclock ur card?
  2. PSU isn't delivering consistent power, your card might not be completely seated in the slot, corrupt drivers?
  3. Thanks for the quick replies guys!

    ridinondub247 -> Nope, I've never overclocked the card

    rubix_1011 -> I've tried several versions of the ati driver, none make any difference. The card also seems to be stable in its pcie slot. How would I check if its the PSU? I unfortunately dont have another psu around which has a pcie connector for the graphics card :(
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