Q6600 Go +P45 UD3L OC HELP!!

hey guyz...
ok so here is the story...
i oc my cpu to 2.66 ghz 296*9
all on auto
and on OCCT the Voltage i am getting is 1.18v for the vcore..
and the temp after runnig 1 hour occt is around 65C
i will be changing my stock heatsink..and will be adding a couple of fans as well.

so what i basically want is to oc this cpu to around 3.2ghz..
if anyone can help me it would be great

andh yeah i dont wanna oc my ram...max i can go with the ram is 850 or max 900
as it has no heat spreader


Q6600 Go
Gigabyte P45 UD3L
4 gigas(2x2gb) 800 mhz OCZ Value ram.
250 gigz HDD
Gigabyte 8800 gt 700/900/1850

450watts PSU Gigabyte ODIN. PSU
1 fan exhaust one intake.
dvd writer..
card reader

will my psu be able to oc r do i need to change this?
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  1. Get a good after mkt HSF then talk about OC.
    This would be one of your choices:

    Something like this:

    CPU Clock Ratio.. 8X
    CPU Host Clock Control..Enable
    CPU Host Freq...400
    CIA 2..Disable
    PCI Express Freq...100
    Performance Enhance..Normal
    All DRAM..AUTO
    CPU VCORE..My Guess is @1.3-1.35
    System Memory Multi..2:2

    Here is more info:
  2. use these 2 images as a reference, I have a DS3L which the settings are going to be the same except for video.

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