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Ok so about a month ago my drive seemed to fail, a screen said it was converting all data to orphan files, and everything was lost. There wasn't anything real important on it so I kinda ignored it, and reinstalled all my stuff. Afterwords I noticed that I gave 50 gigs filled, on a 250 gig drive, and some how I had 30 gigs left? So I was missing 150 gigs. It recognized it as a 238 gig drive, but the storage was filled with nothing visable filling it. I ran disk check, clean up, and there were no hidden files on it. I backed up all my new data and formatted the drive, after formatting I had only 128 gigs on the hard drive. I've restarted, checked all connections, tried partitioning it ( Said it had 138 gigs), is this drive bad?

Hard drive: Maxtor 6 L250R0 SCSI disk drive
Pci Ultra Ata controller card: Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA storage controllers - 24B
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  1. So did you check if your drive was bad? Post your SMART values or screenshot here.

    How did you count the used space, does it include everything including system restore and pagefile/hibernation stuff etc?
  2. And maybe its nice if you could mention what operating system and filesystem you are using? There's not much data in your post other than you got a drive which 'may be' bad and missing some space.
  3. Ah well I took out the Intel Ide controller that was in my PCI slot and it recognized the drive at full volume, so I think it might of went bad?Sorry about that lack of info before btw, wasn't too sure what people would need, but as of like 5minutes ago, its working good. Thanks!
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