What is the difference between E8400 C0 and E0?

Can somebody educate me on the difference between the C0 and E0 version?
And how do I find out what version I have? The box sticker from Intel does not specify E0 or C0.
Reason I ask is that my MoBo supports C0 from Bios version 1.0 and E0 from bios version 1.1.
Will I run into trouble if I have versio E0 and bios version 1.0?

Willem :pt1cable:
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  1. Look for : SLAPL

    That would be the sSpec Number for C0. Intel doesn't even list the E0 stepping there, which is perhaps the engineering sample.
  2. E0 is new and aint out yet. The new e8600 is gonna be E0 and others will get a restepping down the road.

    E0 overclocks better. The 8600 hits 4.5 on air.
  3. Ahhh... I didn't know that. I was taking the E as... well I hate it when I assume. :lol:
  4. Thanx, much appreciated.
    The box does state SSPEC: SLAPL

    E0 does 4.5 Gigs on air? I guess I bought too early.....
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