P5Q, P5Q-E, or P5Q-Pro

Hello everyone. I've settled on getting another ASUS motherboard. I don't want to spend too much money ($150ish), and dont' really intend to crossfire these, and I've narrowed it down to these three.

I did the comapre on ASUS' site, but I'm still a bit unclear on which to choose. I see that the E and Pro have two PCI-E slots, although I know their not ideal for Crossfire which I don't intend to do that anyway. It also seems that the E has better audio than the pro and regular, as well as some other BIOs features.

Besides these things, what are really the key differences between these boards or what key feature differences am I missing? I'm leaning towards the basic P5Q due to the fact that I'll probably use a sound card and won't dual video card with this board, but any recommendations or opinions on the three would helpful. Thanks!
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  1. Well, there is the cooling of course. eSATA is a pretty good thing to have.

    I bought the -E, and mostly it was for the superior cooling. I considered the Deluxe, but the jump in price seemed excessive for what I wanted.

    You might want to check out the P43 version of the -E... although I think you'll get mote OC options with P45.
  2. Thanks Prox. What is eSata anyway? The cooling might be good to have if I decide to OC (which I may). I don't want to spend the money on the deluxe either. Any other major differences between these three, or is that it?
  3. eSATA is simply external SATA. It seems to be the trend in external storage, replacing USB and Firewire for external hard drives.

    Gigabyte makes a similar board....
    For a bit less, but the cooling is not as good.
  4. If it goes like their P35 brothers(P5K-E,P5K DELUXE...)then P5Q-E is the best bang for buck IMO.

    I dont recommend P43 Proximon,P45 is better for OC.
  5. This is kind of from another thread but I'm actually going with the P5Q SE. Not going to crossfire with this anyway and its a really good price.
  6. I just ordered a p5q-e to replace a gigabyte p35 board that i've damaged the north bridge and memory controller on (drunken overclocking). I honestly liked the MSI and Gigabyte p45 boards better, but the bang for the buck of the p5q-e was unbeatable. 3 pci-e slots will be nice too, leaves room for a nice RAID controller. Although you'd probibly have to go with single slot video cards to fit it in.
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