Windows aero not working on vista after windows updates. please help!

i am running windows vista ultimate sp1 64bit. i started off with a fresh install and everything was working correctly in fact i found vista to be more appealing after switching from 7. aero was fine. i started installing windows updates i did about 118 updates at once, my computer restarted and i had no aero :/ the option for aero is still there as well as vista classic but i cannot choose either. when i select them and apply nothing happens it stays as the windows classic theme. ive also tried going into the services and restarting "Desktop Window Manager" and also the "Themes" service, i do both still no aero. i do not know what to do i know this is not a hardware related issue because ive never had aero related issues in the past please help! i would hate to have to do a fresh install all over again and NOT install windows updates
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  1. I just had the same problem and just fixed it after researching for awhile. This ranges from display mirrors that need to be closed, to a program that is running that is not compatible with aero. Start exiting programs in the hidden icons box. The program that was holding my aero back was quicktime video player. If not that, then you may need to go to device manager and click display adapters and disable anything else that is in that box besides your video card.

    Hope that helps!
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