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Q6600 Multiplier jumping between 6 & 9 in CPU-Z

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August 8, 2008 12:01:08 PM

Just OC'ed my Q6600 yesterday and had everything stable and working fine. I opened CPU-Z and noticed my multiplier was jumping between 6 and 9. I have speedstep disbaled. When I was in game (COD4), everything worked fine. There was a different option in my BIOS that appeared to have some power saving/throttling function but I left that on. Cant remember what it was. Maybe that is it? Does it really matter as long as its going to 9 while I am gaming? I OC'ed it to 3.0 with the 9 multiplier. Didnt seem to like the 8 multiplier. Was trying to do that to get closer to the speed of my 800 RAM.
August 8, 2008 12:27:34 PM

Then it OBVIOUSLY means your speedstep is still on... Might be a BIOS error... Are u using the latest NON-BETA drivers? If not, please do that first.
August 8, 2008 12:28:52 PM

There are 2 parts to speed step normally.

C1E and EIST.
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August 8, 2008 12:30:33 PM

Leave speedstep on unless it's causing crashes. If you turn it off and your CPU overheats you'll kill it with it off.

I have it on and oc to 3.6 for week at a time with no issues.
August 8, 2008 1:13:05 PM

Its gotta be that C1E. I know thats still enabled. During my overclocking it set a bunch of stuff back to default when one of my setups didnt work, so that was probably just something i didnt disable.

Seems like the way to go is speedstep enabled and C1E disabled, am I right?
August 8, 2008 1:14:53 PM

In response the BIOS question, I dont know that I have ever updated my BIOS. I have all the latest chipset drivers and video card drivers and all that. Don't think I ever really did anything solely with the BIOS...or did I with the chipset driver?
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August 8, 2008 1:45:32 PM

The BIOS is the main part of the system. It tells your computer what it can support and a lot more. In order to update your BIOS you need to go to the mobb makers site and look up your specific model and download the latest BIOS.

Most of the newer mobos do support flashing the BIOS via a USB Thumb drive. If I were you I would consult your mobos manual for BIOS updating to see how you can do it.
August 9, 2008 2:03:55 AM

its c1e turn it off and it will stay at what you set the ghz to...turn off speed step, leave everything else on