So My Visiontek hd4870 didnt come with a video cable.

It came with DVI to VGA and DVI to HDMI adapters.

My question is since I only have a VGA cable will it make a difference in resolution if i just use that VGA cable?

Or should I go ahead and purchase a DVI cable or HDMI cable? Which is better?

I have a 24" 1900*1200 monitor cable of doing 1080p.

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  1. Your monitor surely comes with a DVI cable. What's the brand and model?

    You're better to go with the DVI.
  2. sisley_111 said:
    Your monitor surely comes with a DVI cable. What's the brand and model?

    You're better to go with the DVI.

    Its the benq v2400w, it didnt come with a dvi just a vga
  3. Another question will dvi allow me to play 1080p videos or just the HDMI cable is capable of doing do?
  4. DVI and HDMI do the exact same thing at exact same resolutions, the adapters only rearranges the circuits while DVI to VGA has to change it in a different way.
  5. A big question that I see is whether or not a cable was advertised. At the same time, I've never bought a video card that had cables with it. The cables either came with the monitor itself, or were left for me to buy separately. If both your monitor and the video card are capable of DVI, I'd buy a DVI cable and use that instead of running things through adapters.
  6. VGA is an analog signal, certain elements of the image will not be as sharp as a digital signal like DVI. I would not recommend using a vga cable when your monitor supports DVI, however you might have to buy one online, some places(such as radioshack) will charge outrageous prices for them. You can get one for around $10 shipped on newegg.
  7. @Sailer... Interesting coz I have never bought a Vid card that did not have some cables included...=0)
  8. I agree with Sailer. Go buy yourself a DVI cable. When I bought my monitors the LG didn't have one, and the Samsung did. It depends on the model too, not just the brand.

    Would it really make sense to ship a DVI cable with each card, if so many monitors already come with DVI cables? We'd all end up paying for two cables and using one.
  9. Main difference between DVI and HDMI is that the HDMI cable also carries sound. DVI doesnt.
  10. ^^ yea, sorry I forgot about that part, though how does that work?

    comp ==> TV ==> Speaker system ?
  11. you'll be hard pressed to notice the difference
  12. I find it noticeable (slight blurring effect) at 1680x1050 and above. Any lower, and VGA and DVI are basically indistinguishable.
  13. I have only heard of ONE videocard that came with an HDMI (atomic? toxic?). None that came with DVI. Some come with a pigtail s-video-to-component video converters. But that is all I have ever seen. Usually it is the monitor that comes with cables.

    As for the cables, in the Audio/video world, an analog component video cable will only go up to 1080i, and HDMI/DVI digital is required for higher resolutions. I am not sure what that means in terms of VGA.
  14. I have two Samsung Monitors 19" and 24" they both came with DVI and VGA cables...I've never bought a video card that came with actual cable...adapters yes...cables no....

    I remember the olden days when the CRT monitors had cable hard wired and that's all you got!
  15. While HDMI does also carry the surround sound audio signal, I am almost 100% sure that sound will not come out of the HDMI slot on your graphics card. I believe the HDMI connection would be used more as a display option for an HDTV instead of a computer monitor.

    Depending on your amp/reciever and speaker setup. You can use optical/coax cable to get the same quality sound as HDMI. And use DVI to get same video quality as HDMI. HDMI just makes everything easier for home theater because you only need to worry about 1 cable. (Coord from Blu-Ray to Amp/Reciever, Coord from Amp to TV) and that's it.
  16. ^^ the HDMI on Nvidia doesn't carry sound while ATI does (supposedly)
  17. the ATI HD series actually do have sound built into them. If you use HDMI, you will get sound from the onboard audio controller found in the card.
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