Umax astra 4100 drivers

i want umax Astra 4100 drivers for windows XP
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  1. Prathap Reddy said:
    i want umax Astra 4100 drivers for windows XP
  2. Here's the deal....

    A search of Tom's Hardware shows that a request for that driver has been made 87 times.
    Total request concerning that scanner have been made 148 times.

    I just searched for it and found only one place it can still be downloaded from, but it is a membership required site and I don't want to download it and then upload it again someplace else that you would have access to. It is 45MB in size. I pay a person in the U.S. for an encrypted VPN (virtual private network) so I'll have a U.S. IP number and they pay by the gigabyte for all data in/out of their system. My fees assume I'll use less than 50 GB per month, so I'm just not downloading and re-uploading like I used to. Sorry, but you can try Google and Yahoo yourself and who knows, you may just get lucky.

    Of course, someone else here may know of a place you can still get it.
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