Wired or Wireless IP Query

If I connect a laptop by a wire to a router and then connect the same laptop wirelessly to the same router, it will be given two different internal IP addresses.

Is there a way to tell which of these IP addresses is being used if I use the internet on this laptop and in general does either get given priority?

This is not laptop or XP/Vista specific.
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  1. Press ctrl-alt-del. under the networking tab there should be a window for both the wired and wireless connections. Bring that up and then surf the net. Which ever one moves is whats being used. Generally it should be the first one to make a connection which should be the wired.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Will it definitely be one or the other, or is it possible that the laptop may share or alternate the connections at random?
  3. Not sure on that. Try and see. I would think that it will pick only one
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