Can't boot with 4GB of RAM

So, I'm currently using 3x1GB Balistix on an MSI P35Neo2-FR. However, I cannot get the 4th slot to work, regardless of what I do. I forget now that i'm at the office if the board would post or not when the 4th stick was inserted, but I pretty sure that it didn't. If it did, it would fail after a few minutes.

I've tried swapping all the sticks back and forth a few times and they all seem to work fine...

Any ideas?
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  1. Looks like 3 alternatives:
    1. Run 3 X 1 GB
    2. Replace with 2 X 2 GB
    3. Replace motherboard.
  2. Some more options:
    1: loosen the timings
    2: up 1 notch on NB
    3: up memory v a notch
    4: lower ram speed
    5: adjust ram skew

    or jsc's suggestions if it still doesn't work
  3. are you using vista 64-bit?
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