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I currently have 2 harddrives.

1x 250Gb Maxtor: This is in use now and has the O/S installed on it and is full to the brim.

I just bought a 500Gb WD caviar black and partitioned it into 3 parts:

35Gb for O/S , 230GB storage, and 230GB for games only.

I want to load the O/S on the new drive (as its much faster than the Maxtor one)...but i assume by doing this it makes the older drive a bit redundant as in i wont be able to run games properly etc... due to the destination of the folders/ .exe files etc...??

Am i gonna have to do a clean install and start again???

Can anyone reccomend the best way about using a new harddrive??
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  1. Enlarge the operating system partition on the new drive to 250 GB or more.
    Clone the old hard disk to the new hard disk partition using Acronis True Image or similar.
  2. When cloning keep the new partition the same size as the old one.
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