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Hi Tom, you seem a genuine expert, hope you can help me, -

3days ago I installed a brand new fully XP Home and registered and activated it fine.

Yesterday my keyboard and mouse went dead , some keyboard presets were changed including number lock - I suspected some intrusion by cyber-rodents, but I may be over-paranoid.

Nothing I did worked, so I rebooted with my new (expensive) windows cd and tried the "R" rescue instead of the re-installation.

The command line program asked for my administrator password and then REJECTED the administrator password I had entered 2 days previously during the brand new full format installation!!

I saved hard to buy a legal windows xp .

Hope you have your finger on this problem and can help,

Thanks for listening,

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  1. The administrator password is blank by default. So unless you've set it, just press Enter at that point.

    Here's a helpful guide to do a repair install.

    There is also a malware guide in my signature to clean up any infections.
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