Corsair VX550W PSU - Crossfire Capable

Hello all sorry if i ever trolled you.

Im mounting a Crossfire capable machine, piece by piece bit by bit. Money isn't on the strong side.
Im not doing the crossfire now, ill wait a bit for the prive of the 4850/4870 lowers a bit and the coolers that come with it improves. So it goes a bit like this.

So far i have a nice cooler and case. Ive been checking a corsair 550W PSU.
Ive read that yes, it is capable of Crossfire 2x4850. Seen Anand and Toms reviews (and many others when it launched) but i think 550W can be short. I think it will do, but 550w seems really short with almost no headroom. Im think on a Phenom or a 6400+ X2 (but that i will see at the time) and a top notch mobo aswell. I know im strange but i like to buy this way.

Basicly it is a 550W PSU with a 12v/41amp Rail.

Give your estimated guess ofc. I know you need all specs and stuff, but hey, more on that in December/January. I like to save money then burn it in Hardware :)
I leave the specs here and the link to the Corsair product page.

Corsair VX Series Specs:
Model VX450W VX550W
AC Input Rating 90 - 264VAC 90 - 264VAC
Input Current 5 - 9A 5 - 9A
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz 47Hz - 63Hz
DC Output Max Load Max Output Max Load Max Output
+3.3V 20A 130W 30A 140W
+5V 20A 130W 20A 140w
+12V 33A 396W 41A 492W
-12V 0.8A 9.6W 0.8A 9.6W
+5VSB 2.5A 12.5W 3A 15W
Total Power 450W 550W


Thanks again for your time. I wish you all a good overclocking !!

Edit: If anybody got a setup like that a VX550 with a crossfire/sli on it, opinions apreciated !!!
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  1. I went for the Corsair TX750. 60 Amps on the 12v Rail and more headroom. Thank for reading i guess.
  2. Yup. More headroom. About 400watts of headroom.
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