E8400 stock temps too high!

I just put together a pc as follows: E8400
Asus P5N-MX
OCZ gold 2x1g
Xion2 case
coolmaster 500w
EVGA 8800gt w/ dual slot cooler
250g seagate barracuda sata

I have just got it running at it's stock speed with the intel heatsink that comes with it and the CPU runs at around 50 idle and 68! under full load. I tried re seating it but thats about it. The other components are fine the airflow in the case should be decent i have a 120mm and 2 smaller ones(not exactly sure what size) plus the video card blows air out aswell. So im stuck do i have to buy another heatsink or reapply thermal paste or could it just be a bad chip?

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  1. Did you try re-seating it while the board was out of the case ? I'd pull the heat sink off, remove the board, re-apply some good smootch, and put the heat sink back on. When it's out of the case you can make sure the Intel "push pins" seat properly by looking how they come out of the back of the board.

    To me those temps are high. Under load it shouldn't get above 44-46 with the stock cooler. Others may have different results though. Try running with the side of the case. If there's a noticeable difference there may be more things at fault.
  2. i say you did not push al the pins in
  3. You probably didn't put the pins (worst intel idea yet) in right anyways I would recommend a new cooler for anything stressful
  4. thanks for the help i'll try pushing the pins in for now but ultimately i'm gonna end up replacing the heatsink. i already spent 200 on the CPU so i might as well scrounge another 35 for a decent cooler.
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