Acer aspire harddrive not showing real amount of disk space.."vista of course"

hi i have a acer aspire with windows vista.just got it about 3 or 4 days harddrive is 320gb sata hard disk.but when i go to my com etc all i see is 82.2 gb free of 113 im sure there is a reason.but im oblivious to it.any chance i could get some light shed on this problem.and also if that means i have less space to use if its being used somewhere else.also another question is how do i get into my second harddrive when i hook it wont let me cause i dont have "permission".i realllly dont want to have to redownload the patches for wow lol. and want to transfer everything from one harddrive to my new also could use some help on that.hope to hear from you soon!:-) thats computer
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  1. My guess is the computer arrived with the HDD nit split up into Partitions. It has, obviously, one Primary Partition of about 113 GB used as the C: drive. It MAY have on or more other Partition(s) already created on the HDD - if so, they should be showing up in My Computer as separate drive(s) with their own letter names. Or, maybe the remaining space on your HDD is NOT assigned to any Partition.

    Some computer makers create on the HDD a special reserved Partition in which they store a Restore Image for recovery from disaster, but that normally is relatively small - 10 to 20 GB.

    To examine what really is using space on your HDD, go into Disk Manager. Click on Start and, in that menu, RIGHT-click on My Computer and choose "Manage". In the left pane of the resulting window expand "Storage" if necessary, and click on "Disk Management". The right side will show two panes. In the upper one are all the drives Windows has to use now, so you'll see your C: there. Below in the other scrollable pane are all the physical units available. Your hard drive will be one block with a label like "Disk 0" on the left and its size. The right part of that block will be subdivided into blocks representing established Partitions. So you'll see a block identified as your C: drive with its size, and maybe another smaller one with no name that holds the restore records. Besides that, there may be a block called "Unallocated Space". If that is all the missing space, then you can use it to create more Partition(s), each of which will be treated a completely separate drives with their own letter names. To do this, for each (one or more) you want to create, you RIGHT-click on the Unallocated Space and choose to Create a Partition. At this point you may get a Wizard that helps you do everything, or maybe not. You probably want this to be another Primary Partition (I think you can have up to 4, and so far you have 2) but NOT bootable, and you set the size you want, up to the full remaining space. After the Partition has been created (but this MAY be included in the Wizard), that Partition needs to be Formatted. Unless you know you need something special, choose the NTFS File System and a Quick Format. (A Full Format does a Quick and then takes additional HOURS to exhaustively test the drive for errors, not usually necessary). When you're done the drive will exist with its own name and, after exiting out of Disk Manager and rebooting, you'll be able to find and use it.

    On the other hand, if you find that there is no Unallocated Space but there are other Partitions, there's a bit more checking to be done. Partitions created properly should have shown up as named usable drives in My Computer. If they did not, look closely at the Partition(s) in question in Disk Manager's lower right pane. If they do NOT have a Drive Letter assigned to them, My Computer cannot see them. In that case, RIGHT-click on such a Partition and choose to Change its Drive Letter to something not already in use. That should solve the problem.
  2. wow!tyvvm.any way i can like rate ur answer etc. a noob to the site so not sure but u deserve it.again.tyvm
  3. Thanks for your kind words. There is a system here for designating a reply as a "Best Answer". But before you get there, try out the ideas and see if the actually help solve your problem.
  4. h i did.and it helped me figure it out 100% in my com i have acer c 53 gigs free of 113 and data d 169gigs of 170 free,i assume there split up like u said.only question i that 53 gigs free when that's used up then what?
  5. On a new machine, having 53 GB of space filled up with an OS and several applications software packages is not far out of line. You certainly have space for data for a while. But you also have 170 GB of free space on the D: drive. You should probably start now to use some of that space for storing data. For example, on my machine I use the D: drive for virtually ALL of the family photos and videos, whereas common small documents stay on the C: drive. To do this, I created folders for the photo data and then set the application software to use those folders by default for storage. In some cases I manually direct Saves of files to those folders if the default save spot is wrong.

    In the long run most machines have the capacity to allow you to add an additional hard drive unit for more space. I don't know your system, or how you could do that. Check it out for future reference.
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