Gaming Headphones vs Music Headphones?

I'm looking for a good set of head phones for gaming mainly FPS games. I see there are headphones that are marked as 'gaming'.

Is there a difference in head phones from gaming or not gaming? Or is it for marketing?

I know gaming head sets come with a mic built on. But I really don't have to have that as I have a perfectly good mic on my desk.

Any input would be great.

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  1. Music headphones will usually give clearer and more accurate sound reproduction. Gaming headphones will usually pay more attention to looks and (sometimes) positioning. I prefer the music phones myself, and Sennheiser is a great brand to consider (I have the EH350).
  2. Gaming headsets with surround sound tend to be more accurate in positioning too from what I've seen. Sennheiser are probably one of the best for sound reproduction without paying a fortune.

    That said, I wouldn't get rid of my Razer Barracuda HP-1
  3. I would always pic the music 'phones - clearer sound. Although for gaming a 5.1 headset might be a good idea, could give better positioning of the sound.
  4. If you can go with some decent headphones you'll not look back and you won't even want cheap phones any more, they just won't cut it. Once you get a taste of what accuracy from a decent set of "cans" sounds and feels like (and even almost tastes like) you'll thank yourself. Good sound is "delicious". I learned that when I was I'm 38. Good sound is much more attainable from a set of headphones than it is from speakers, from a cost perspective, IMO. ...5 bars for only $70!

    or ...I have their bigger brother, the 595. I've heard that these are really great sounding cans and, unlike the Grado's above, will be comfortable for extended listening/gaming sessions.

    Forget the "gaming" cans (if you can truly live without the mic). deserve better.
  5. As I said, the Sennheiser EH350 is a great set of budget headphones that still sound MUCH better than some of the junk out there. The HD555 or 595 headphones are great too - they should have a bit more bass than the 350s. Grado is nice too (I actually like their sound slightly better than the Sennheisers), but I've never found their funny design to be all that comfortable.
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