Help picking out a new card?

Hi guys,
I'm building a new system soon and I'm unsure of what video card to buy. I'm a Linux user/Nvidia fan boy so I'm really only considering their cards.
At the moment my build looks like this:

CPU: Intel Q6600
Ram: 4GB DDR 1066
Mobo: Asus P5Q

I'm leaning towards the 9800 GTX at the moment, but with the prices on the GTX 260 falling quickly it is becoming far more attractive.

I'd really love some suggestions or any other input.

Thanks :D
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  1. go with 9800gtx
  2. i would go for the 260 once the price drops just a little more. patience is a virtue after all.
  3. I've got a similar setup to yours, and I was also undecided about graphics, but in the end I've decided on the 260, with the prices having dropped.
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