i have a d-link router with 3 computors on it my problem is we just built 2 new ones for gameing i can get all the way in to the join game then as soon as it starts it looses server . can some one help me please need to game. most games are first person shooters like AA, BF2,CALL OF DUTY,FEAR, thanks for any info
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  1. Check that the new computers are networked using an available router port and that the ethernet cables are not loose. If you can access the internet ok then the gaming software needs to be configured for LAN.
  2. yes im allowed to do everything but get allthe way in to my shooter games im not real tech savvy so i would think changeing the games to lan would be in there setup i have looked in certain places in my to allow but they are not in there to do that so any tech direction would help if you dont mind and "thank you for responding "
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