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Last night i force restarted my computer because it was slow and then i went to sleep when i woke up and the computer is booting up im greeted with the message that hardware or software is damaged or missing. and to run system repair. when i try to run it, it hangs on the blue screen forever. ive tried running in safe mode but it freezes there too.i cant system restore because the same thing happens.i cant restore to factory settings because i have no disks to do it. my computer model is a hp g72-259 4 gb of ram and a 300 gb hard drive. i think my harddrive might be damaged or corrupted. what can i do to fix this problem? is ive also tried running normally but it hangs on the starting windows page and restarts after 10 minutes then it brings me back to the system repair pages. (btw the blue screen is not blue screen of death... its the blue screen that pops up as a diffrent background when booting up the recovery partition) also my c drive is now a d drive? dont know what happened there please help me
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  1. First off.... welcome to the blue screen of death and the cyclic reboot, it sounds to me that for have a few too many failing sectors on your Hdd. What I would try and do in a sticky situation like this is, hook your Pc HDD up to an enclosure so you can get the data of if and then conduct a full windows reload/update and then wack your data back on it. But before you take action make sure you get some advice from a pro. This is just a general outline of how you could go about fixing this issue, there may be another way out of it.
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