MSI fuzzy GM965 overheating and poor BIOS support


I would like to ask if there is any solution for my problem.

I am building a HTPC so I rely in MSI Fuzzy GM965 motherboard:

Which just seemed perfect: it is a small factor ITX motherboard with support for Socket P mobile processors. Perfect for getting a silent a low power consumption PC, or at least that is what I thought.

Once I installed the Operating System (Ubuntu 8.04) everything worked fine, except the processor power savings: frequency scaling and Cx power saving modes supported by the Intel Penryn processors.

Those are not working neither in Windows, so it is not a matter of Linux.
The processor is overheating and the fans do not stop to spin when the computer is idle. So even this card is announced in several sites as perfect for a HTPC it is not true, you can get quieter and lower consumption with desktop PCs like Penryn with motherboards supporting frequency scaling and Cx states,

I think it is a BIOS issue,
Have anyone had a similar problem?

MSI is not answering to the support case I opened already a month ago, and even the support site is down already for more than 5 days!
Is MSI support usually that bad? Am I on my own?

When even the supplier turns its back to you, you always have the forums.

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  1. This is just MSI akwardly positioning themselves, behind you that is.

    Suggestions on replacement.
    $70 Intel (with ATOM proc)
    $135 Intel LGA775
    $160 (Jetway plain mITX skt AM2 GeForce 8200 graphics)

    Edit, The reasons I never buy MSI: Poor Service (if any), Terrible products (at a premium price), Bad BIOS'es, Bad drivers, and compatibility issues.
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