Flashed Bios no post helpp


I have a Striker II Formula
4 gb ram gskill

So when I loaded the computer, it posted, but was not detecting my CPU. So I decided it needed a bios update and I read that it will fix it. So I flashed the bios, and now it wont post...
Nothin shows up on the screen....on the mini lcd it says dram..

Anyone know the problem or solution?

Thank you
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  1. Hmmm... the 1st thing to try is see if it will POST when you only have one stick of RAM installed.
    Try each stick by itself, and in each memory slot, until it either POST's for you, or continues to refuse to.

    Did you flash the BIOS at boot-up from a floppy disk/USB pendrive, or with Asus's BIOS Update Utility and flash it from within Windows?
  2. I flashed the the bios from a usb key using Asus EZflash in the bios..
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