Should I get fast but low capacity or slower but big capacity?

I'm unsure what HDD will be most suited to my system. I'm torn between a VelociRaptor or a Caviar Black.

My system specs are:
2.5Ghz Core 2 Duo
OCZ Reaper 4gb DDR2
Asus P5QL Pro Mobo
ATI Radeon x1950pro.

I'm guessing my system isn't high enough spec to take full advantage of a VelociRaptor but I'm planning on upgrading most of the components in about 6months which would look summin like this but i'd carry the HDD's over:
Core i5
A decent mobo (not too sure yet)
4gb DDR3 Ram
Radeon hd4870 1gb (at the least)

I'd be using the system mostly for normal stuff but would be doing lots of photoshop work, not very much video editing and some gaming. The games would be AAO3, Crysis and UT3.

It would be nice to eventually get a second one and stick it in a raid setup. Actually what would be faster, 1x VelociRaptor or 2xCaviar Black in Raid?

So going by what i'd be using it for, what would suit me better. VelociRaptor or Caviar?

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  1. I'd go for the Caviar. You'll get more space for the same money, and still be able to read and write at fast enough speeds. Space is particularly important for your Photoshop career.
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