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I have just recently purchased 2 HD4850'S and I can fit these cards into my P5E3 Deluxe mobo, but it seems like the cards back panel aren't long enough to be able to screw in, thus making me unable to but in the card. Any idea's? I am kinda of scared right now because this is my first time building a computer and the graphics card's are not fitting. My case is the thermaltake armor (the very large black one).
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  1. I'm having the exact same problem and was considering putting it up on this forum. I have a 680i Nvidia motherboard with the Thermaltake Armar case as well. I will see what I can do about taking some pictures to let everyone see what the problem is. I'm very uncomfortable with my video card not being secured into place as any movement might jack something up on my motherboard.
  2. Maybe the design of the case is obsolete now.
  3. That would suck ballz. I see this case in a ton of ads for top gaming rigs and would think that since other video cards fit in perfectly that this card design would want to mimic that. My other video cards were just fine. I'm even considering returning my card and waiting a few months to see if Nvidia will come out with something that will actually fit in this tower. I'm sure that we are not the only ones experiencing this problem as the Thermaltake Armor has been a popular tower. I'll have to look around for my camera and see if I can link a pic somewhere on here.
  4. I just pried back the tip of the back plate so the card could fit in the motherboard completely, but now I have another problem. I can't screw the cards in. Is it safe to leave 2 graphics cards in crossfire like that and not have them screwed in? I need to know this before I start up my computer.
  5. Um, take a picture with a digital camera and show us what you mean, or reword your problem.

    What you're saying doesn't make a lot of sense Zman4700, if the motherboard is mounted correctly I don't see why the gpu's I/O panel is too short..
  6. ... why didn't you take roadrunner's advice in the other thread about installing the standoffs because that looks to be precisely the problem.

    Also, if you don't install standoffs, the motherboard will more than likely ground its power to the motherboard tray which will cause it to short.

    If the standoffs are NOT the problem and you have them installed then I don't understand how there is a problem.

    Please clarify that you have properly installed the brass-colored standoffs which either came with your case or motherboard.
  7. I got an open box product so I don't know all of the right screws and standoffs I need.
  8. I posted in the other thread, I won't be continuing posts here. Last comment I am making: get your manual online and read it, your thermaltake case should also come with standoffs.
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