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I know the 4870x2 isn't out yet but i've heard it will help with scale 15% better than two 4870's in xfire, however, does anyone know how it would scale with another 4870? The 4870 i'm planning on buying is 512mb while i believe the 4870x2 is suppose to have 2GB of memory, would the 4870 bottleneck the x2 and lower its memory use to only 512mb? I saw something about that in the SLI faq and i'm somewhat worried right now becuase i want to play all the newest games on 1900x1200 res with max settings and all eye candy turned on. Yes i know the 4870x2 isn't released yet but does anyone have articles or info describing how it would scale when it comes paired with the 4870 that is currently out?
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  1. You'll be limited to the memory and clock speeds of the slowest card so you'll probably better off not doing 3 way Crossfire because of the massive memory loss.
  2. Alright then, does anyone know if they are still releasing a 1gb version of the 4870 anytime soon? I don't want to wait another month+ to build my computer :(
  3. There will certainly be a 1gb version, however i think that you might need to wait more than a month for...maybe less if your in the US.

    The 512mb version doesnt seem memory limited up to 1920x1200 resolution.

    Also even if the 4b70x2 scales better it might have lower clocks....still be seriously good all the same.
  4. supposedly end of july / beginning of august
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