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Hello everyone.. I'm looking for a long long time for a case but it's hard to find benchmarks and stats of every case and everyone has different opinions about it.

Arctic Silver 5 (12gr) € 12,95 € 12,95
Corsair CMPSU-750TXEU, 750W € 87,76 € 87,76
Corsair Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF € 99,- € 99,-
Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 € 152,40 € 152,40
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 € 239,- € 239,-
Lite-On LH-20A1S € 17,50 € 35,-
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard € 63,97 € 63,97
Razer DeathAdder € 39,- € 39,-
Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ, 1TB € 108,- € 108,-
Samsung Syncmaster 2253BW € 229,- € 229,-
Sapphire Radeon HD 4870x2
Scythe Kaze Master 5.25 € 36,50 € 36,50
Steelpad Qck+ € 14,49 € 14,49

All these things has to fit it, I'm not sure what CPU cooler I'm going to take yet and I prefer Big Towers.

My biggest problems are dust and heat because my computer stands in a very small room something like 2.5x1.5 meter or something. So I hope the case can handle that and the 4870x2 (which is going to be pretty hot I guess) very well. I don't care much about the noise even though it's annoying I rather want dust filters and very nice cooling.


My budget is below 200 dollar / 132 euro.
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  1. i know the ferfect setup oh mai gawd.]

    case!!!: NZXT Tempest, or Antec 1200/900

    CPU COOLER: Sunbeamtech core-contact freezer cpu

    the tempest is 100$ usd
    the 1200 idk the priuce exactly
    the 900 is around 85$ usd

    the sunbeam tech cpu cooler is 45$ usd

    are the 4870 xs's even out yet? or are you preordering it.
  2. Hmm, do you know what case of those has the best air flow / cooling and can you or anyone else tell me why cpu coolers look like this: nowadays. Why they are going sidewards (to call it that way).
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention that I just want to pre-order it ;)
  4. Quote:
    For a system with such fine components as yours,
    I would highly recommend a Lian-Li case:

    They are works of art, truly -- and worth every
    extra penny.

    After I spent quite some time looking closely
    at lots of Lian-Li photos, and objective reviews,
    when I went back to Antec's photos,
    I couldn't remember why I was so impressed
    with Antec.

    Sincerely yours,
    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Inventor and
    Webmaster, Supreme Law Library

    All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

    Hello there Paul Andrew Mitchell,

    I heard such great things about the Lian-Li cases but they are pretty expensive and my budget is below is below 200 dollar / 132 euro so I think a Lian-Li case isn't made for me :(
  5. Quote:
    > Why they are going sidewards (to call it that way).

    In that photo, the fan in the HSF is blowing directly
    at the exhaust fan in the rear panel: this is an excellent
    way to maintain proper flow of warmer air straight
    out the back panel after it's heated by the CPU.

    In general, it's best to feed colder air to a cooling fan,
    and then to move the warmer exhaust air out of the case
    before it has a chance to warm any other components.

    Another orientation is to direct the HSF's fan UP,
    but that works best only if there is at least one
    exhaust fan in the top panel.

    Check out the Cooler Master CM 690:
    it has 2 fan grills in the bottom panel
    and 2 fan grills in the top panel,
    which exploit the natural buoyancy
    of hot air -- like hot air balloons which go UP.

    Hot air rises; cold air falls.

    Sincerely yours,
    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, Inventor and
    Webmaster, Supreme Law Library

    All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

    Thanks for explaining me every part of it! I really appreciate it ! I learned something new I guess :) I use to skip on cases because I just prefered good parts :P but they will die if there's no air flow I've learned haha. Anyway my sister also has the CM 690 :) But I'm not quite sure if all of my products will fit in there. I also have to make sure the CPU cooler fits in. I also took a look at first I wanted to buy the Thermalright ultra 120 extreme till I noticed that fans weren't included and I rather want a cpu cooler for a bit less with like 2 degrees difference. And the Sunbeam contact freezer is on the first rank but less places to buy it .. hmm. I was also thinking about the Cosmos 1000 / S btw. Anything you know about that case? I did research on like the top 20 popular cases / cpu coolers but it's really hard to decide because everyone is saying different things.
  6. Bump / others may also reply ofc ^^
  7. This may be a bit late but i support the antec 900/1200 for your situation. If its too pricey, id look at the antec 300, which i have. Ive got a radeon hd 4850, corsair 550W, e8400 with an arctic cooling freezer pro 7, p35 mobo, 1hdd, and it works great as far as fitting it all in there and airflow. It has a good area to fit all that extra cord length and unused wires from the psu in back of the case(and there will be tons of extra wires with that psu). Oh, and as far as easy of assembly and disassembly, idk how it could have been designed any simpler. The front panel has an airfilter over its 2 front optional 120mm fan slots which has noticably gathered dust in 2 weeks, good thing i guess. The side has 1 120mm fan spot, but with no filter. After 2 weeks i see NO dust in my case, its possible that the air flows through it well enough that not much will really settle down. One thing you would like in any case is that both exit fans are right next to the cpu, which is always good with a hot cpu as you have listed(btw, an after market fan for the cpu that blows to the side can be aimed at either of the exit case fans which means almost none of the cpu's heat goes into the case). As far as keeping it cool, my temps are low on everything, especially the hdd(max temp of 34*C which is 2* over room temp), and the fans are set to medium. And the lack of an air filter on the side can easily be remedied with an aftermarket airfilter to go in that slot(and if the 4870x2 doesnt push the air out of the case itself you might want a fan with an airfilter there to blow air on it if its a hot card. And of course, the antec 900/1200 will give you this performance or better, with tons of extra space for whatever you need if its in the budget.
  8. I have 2 CM690. I have one with the Asus Maximus Formula(X38) and the other with the Biostar TPower I45. Both have the Tuniq 120. They fit but I did lose some fan locations. Both machines lack the side panel fan right next to the CPU. The Biostar MB places the Tuniq so high in the case that it blocks me putting 120mmX120mmX25mm fans in the top two locations where the Asus board allowed those same fans to be in use on that case. Also the fact that the case has a slot for a 80mmX80mmX15mm fan is awesome for the backside of the CPU on the other panel.

    I am thinking of getting the Sunbeam cooler since it seems to be better suited with 4 pipes vs 3 pipes AND the dimensions are less severe. Tuniq is 153mmX106mmX130MM and the Sunbeam is 143mmX104mmX125mm. The Sunbeam is easier to mount, granted I have to demount 2 motherboards in my case to get the back braces out of the way. Also being more than a couple hundred grams lighter. When I do this swap I am also going to add filters, silicone gaskets, and grills for my fans. After 6 months or running the Asus rig I moved some parts around and did a "dusting" and there was a little bit of dust but nothing that a #12 round paint brush couldn't knock out with some canned air.
  9. I recommend (in this order) NZXT Tempest (good air flow with cable management), antec 900(no precut holes for cable management but better built quality and i think it looks better than tempest), antec 1200 (very good but you might wanna look into it's height, cause it's tall), and CM690 (good for its price but bit cheaply made compare to antec).
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