Quadro FX 1700 - Hardware Acceleration

I use a program called StruCad v14. When I speak to the support and they use a remote desktop to my computer, their software sets my Hardware Acceleration to 0, and all my programs stop working and give me errors, takes me a minute or two to click "Dont Send" etc. If I reboot everything is fine, and I must go back to my Display Options and turn on the acceleration back to full. If I turn the acceleration to 0 manually then it does the same.

I've downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and that still doesn't solve the problem. It never use to do it before I updated a few months back, but the reason why I updated the drivers was that the screens would flicker ever few minutes. I'm using duel screens.

I've been looking on varius websites and forums and cant find anything about this. If anyone has some insight on this it would be very grateful!
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  1. Does anyone have any idea's on how I can resolve this, any kind of insight to this problem would be very appreciated!
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