Detonator XP Problems!

I have installed the Detonator XP (21.81) and I have been blessed with a whole plethora of problem!

1)Whenever I right-click desktop -> setting -> advanced
Whenever I click the advanced button my system will hang for a while before the advanced applets appear.

2)Shutdown time has increased!!! Whenever shutdown, systems seems like hung during the shutting down windows screen.

This problems occurs to me on Windows 2000, Windows 2000 with SP2 and Windows XP (rc1)!!!

Anyone with the same problem?? I have tried a lot of remedies but the problem persists.

My system
Athlon 1Ghz
MSI K7T Turbo BIOS 2.9
512MB 133Mhz RAM
HighPoint RAID with 2 Quantum LM drives
On board Promise RAID with 2 Seagate Baracuda 3 drives
DVD-ROM and CD-Burner
TV-Tuner card
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  1. Fix the shutdown problem by disabling the Nvidia Driver Helper Service.

    As for the rest ... did you do a clean installation of the new drivers? And you did you extract them and update the video card driver, or did you use the installation launcher in the self-extracting zip? Lots of people have had problems upgrading with the 21.81's unless they manually extract the files and <i>then</i> upgrade the driver set.

    Have you run into any other problems? Have you done any tests ... such as the DirectX Diagnostic Utility, or a benchmarking program? Any problems when running a game?

    What version of DirectX is on your system?

    What brand and model of video card? You kinda left that bit of information out of your post.

    Later ...


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  2. i have similar problem, but found a way to make it work. make your own driver! part of 21.xx, 15.xx and hercule driver. work fine.

    other way was to disable my promise fasttrak controler, but now i need it. anyone with a better solution?
  3. Finally, the true XP driver for my raid is out! still having trouble with gforce 21.81 drivers, installed 21.83 and all is "nearly" perfect. (its frustrating to see XP stall when launching a game with a nv4_disp trouble, because he think that theres a chance to blow out the graphic card..) anyway, i have tested all my games and benchmark, no crash but one (have to re-run the display setup program) and all is fine! thanks to the developper at promise tech and nvidia! system is rock solid (at last)
  4. Now install 22.50 and see what happens;)

    If it's working...overclock it!
  5. i'd like to, but where can i get them? i'll check around (i dont even know if they exist) but...
  6. Actually, 22.80 are out, so get those. Just search in yahoo for 22.80 NVidia and it'll come up.

    If it's working...overclock it!
  7. hey thanx a lot dude, i'll check that right now. it seems that, after all, the 21.83 doesnt work fine for me. keeps crashing with ghost recon. the original ones from win xp work, but what a loss of effectiveness... thanx again
  8. I keep getting an nv4_disp.dll error when trying entering D3d or OpenGL applications I´ve tryed all NVvidia drivers from 21.81 to 22.80...
    My computer freezes and then a blue screen accures with the NV4_disp.dll error.My memory dumbs and the machine restarts I can´t be the only one with this problem so please post if you have a soloution to this error
    System Specs:
    Abit VP6 Motherboard
    Dual PIII 1.Ghz
    768 mb pc133 sdram
    Asus V8200 pure GeForce3
  9. finally! solution found on ! seems to be a compatibility problem with the via chipset and the gforce cards, caused by a poor 4 in 1 xp driver. mine working fine after i updated the via cpu to agp driver. decompress the latest 4 in 1 driver, and then go to the device manager, under system devices, update the driver for the via cpu to agp. click on advanced update, let me search for the driver, and take the one from the 4 in 1 folder, under AGP. its named via GART driver. its not digitally signed, click continue, and then reboot. with that and some tweaking with gforce tweak utility (disabling agp fast write), all work fini now with the 21.83 detonator. search the guru3d forum for more, looks like we are not the only one who got that trouble ;) good luck!
  10. <A HREF="" target="_new">Latest 4-1 Drivers</A>

    I thought my problem was also related to the VIA-Win thinggie, but it only applies to XP, for the moment.

    This is the article that <A HREF=",57645," target="_new">3DChipset</A> posted with stuffage...

    To Be or Not to be... DAMN but that is confusing!
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