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i currently have a 100GB SATA HDD in my notbook, i want to upgrade but not sure if there are restrictions on how high i can go, it is a HP DV1659US and im thinking on putting in 500GB, will i be able to or will my laptop not reconize the full hard drive space
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  1. hello?
  2. The only real question is of if it will physically fit. Other than that it will generally just work. I upgraded my mom's laptop that is a amd dual core turion which started with a 60 GB drive and I put in a 320 GB WD drive. (now, I just went to newegg and clicked on laptop drives so I didn't run into any problems.)

    I took hers out, went to my desktop and unplugged all my hard drives, plugged both hers and the new one in, and used GParted to copy and grow the partition. Put it back in hers and used a XP disc to generate the boot sector. After that it came up as if nothing had happened and it was running just like it was.
  3. well arent all sata laptop drives the same size?
  4. ive just had problems with old desktops whare the desktops max hdd space it would see is 40gb reguardless, i believe it was a bios thing, so i dont want to run into this same problem with my laptop, ill just end up paying for extra space i cant use
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    There was something about some 2.5 drives being a different height. I don't know specifically other than taller ones are for servers or something like that. There isn't a limit like that that I know of. Well, not one worth mentioning anyway. It should just work like it did for me.
  6. alright thanks, i guess ill just bring in my 100gb to the computer store when i buy it, just so i can compair the physical size, thanks again
  7. Avoid choosing a 2.5-inch hard drive with a thickness of 12.5 mm if your notebook will only hold a 2.5-inch hard drive that is 9.5mm thick.
  8. well i just pulled the hdd and it measured 3/8 of an inch thick, so what is that in mm?
  9. nvm, 3/8 in = to almost 10mm (googled it) so i will remeber that when buying
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