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My MSI K8N Neo Platinum motherboard went bad recently. I had Windows XP installed on a single 200GB SATA drive and had two 320GB drives in RAID0 for storage. When motherboard went bad, I purchased GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard thinking I will be able to access the RAID0 drives. However, the Gigabyte board recognized the two drives as non-RAID and all options in the RAID menu in control-I will format the RAID drives, which contain valuable family pictures for last 6 years. How do I recover data from the RAID drive? I'm a newby so I may need some detailed guidance. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. I think I might be able to run Ubuntu OS run off of the DVD drive. I am not familiar with Linux at all so this may be a challenge, but at least I may still have access to the RAID drive. Just returned today from NYC trip driving for 6 hours so I'm gonna retire for now. I welcome any suggestion. Thanks.
  2. To be honest, unless you are using Intel RAID controllers the chance of transfering the drives from one RAID controller to another is almost zero (unless it's the exact make/model); the best chance of data recovery is something like RaidReconstructor (from runtime.org).

    Using RAID0 for storage isn't a good idea
  3. The original problem I was having with the old motherboard where RAID0 storage drives were installed was the blue screen. Any attempt to reformat the HDD and reinstall Windows XP was met with blue screen. On that same setup, I found out I can access Ubuntu OS on DVD drive.

    Since I'm (trying) to access the RAID0 drive with the same RAID controller, shouldn't I be able to access the drive now? I have extra single HDD's laying around which I can transfer the data once I'm able to access the RAID0 drive on original broken motherboard running Ubuntu off of DVD drive. If what you're saying is that Linux does not play nicely with nforce3 RAID controllers, then I guess the only option may be for me to find same exact motherboard or another brand with nforce3 controller perhaps. I'm hesitant in taking that route because I'm not entirely sure it's the motherboard and not the CPU. Thank you MrLinux for your input.
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