My Asus k7Upgrade-880 has only 1,5 gb/s & my new HDD has 3 Gb/s

Ttoday I bought Samsung HD503HI Eco Green 500 Gb 3 Gb/s 16 Mb Buffer 7200 RPM and my MB Asus k7Upgrade-880 supports only 1,5 gb/stransfer rate while the new HDD supports 3 gb/s transfer rate - so I guess now I find out why my BIOS and my Windows and my Linux don't recognize it?

So what should I do about it? I heard I must change some jumpers even if the guy from the pc shop didn't give me any install cd nor any jumpers or info about how to shift the speed to 1,5 gb/s although I've told him I have this kind of MB.

Could you guys tell me between what pins I must place the jumper so that the Samsung HD503HI Eco Green it's accepted by my K7Upgrade-880?

If Samsung doesn't support transfer rate shifting, I guess I need to go back to the store and exchange it with what kind of HD? I heard that Seagate is limited at 1,5 Gb/s from the beginning? Should I buy one ?

Please help me out cuz I need a big drive right away :(
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  1. jumpers for this should be on the back of the drive not the motherbord - should only be 2 pins that need to be bridged.
  2. I've checked the Samsung website for your drive (It appears to be HD502HI, not 503), and they provide "manuals" for two different ways of manually forcing a drive to 1.5 Gb/s. I guess they did both at some times, and which is your HDD I can't say, but you will be able to tell.

    One way is with jumper pins on the drive edge next to the data connector. For this version, go to
    and choose the colored Acrobat logo to the right of the FIRST ver 4.0 English manual. It shows you the jumper diagram and settings on its first page.

    However, if you don't have a jumper pin block like that, there is a software utility way for other models. Back on that page offering manuals, choose the last of the four English manuals, ver. 5.0. On its second page under the SATA Installation heading, check the blue box at the bottom. Searching there led me to this screen:
    where they explain and offer several downloadable files used to change the way the drive behaves if you don't have jumpers to use.

    Also check out this thread on Tom's:

    It refers to yet another Samsung tool, ES-Tool available here:

    which seems to have a slightly-hidden way to do the job.
  3. Well ty for trying to help me out but I gave up to that stupid Samsung HDD and their stupid customer service and retarded tools for HDD. So I called to the pc shop and I asked them to change it wih a Seagate at 500 Gb which seems the easiest HDD to make it run at 1,5 Gb/s just by setting the jumper correct. Tomorrow I'll test the Seagate hoping it will run way better than lauzy Samsung which btw doesn't recognize my partitions and right now I'm trying to recover my data

    PS: The only way I could use the Samsung was by mounting it into an external hard drive rack through USB...

    Update: Till now I've recovered 2 partitions and the msot important files of my collection. Now I have only the Dragon Ball collection to recover :)


    PS2: If the Seagate doesn't work too, then I'll upgrade my whole pc [only MB, processor, video card and RAM memory cuz other components are good] costing me only 200 $. What do you say 'bout that?:)))) The best solution :D

    Upgrade your PC and don't torment yourself anymore like I did for about 3 days day and night to make A 3 Gb/s HDD to work on a 1,5 Gb/s MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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