In rendering can mpeg format give a good quality in pinnacle studios 9

in order to get a good dvd video what is the best rendering format needed. pls i need your co-operation
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  1. You don't have a choice for making a DVD, it's MPEG2 or nothing. The MPEG2 streams are assembled into Video Object Blocks (VOB's).

    Want good video? Start with good source material. DV video will do a good job but a VHS capture will still look lousy as Studio or Adobe or anybody else cannot make up what is not there to begin with.

    In your "Make Movie" tab, select Disc Type as DVD, and click the dropdown "Video Quality / Disc Usage" and set to "Custom."

    Next to "Create Disc", click Settings, set bitrate, higher is better but uses more disc space...Shown below in dark blue.

    If it all won't fit on a 4.7GB DVD, go to a 8.5GB dual-layer disc. The goal here is quality.

    8500Kbits/sec is the maximum Studio will allow, although a DVD can actually go to just above 10,000 (oh well, Studio is rather inexpensive).

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