80GB hard drive not recognised in SATA enclosure

I cloned my 80GB laptop hard drive to a 160GB using an external SATA enclosure. Everything works fine except that the 80GB drive is not recognized when I plug it in the enclosure. I tried swapping back the drives and find that the 80GB drive still can work in the laptop. Is there any way to get it working in the enclosure so I an use it as additional storage?
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    You need to enable AHCI in the bios and install the driver if you want to hot swap.
    XP has some problems with AHCI. Reboot if you don't have or want AHCI. The drive should be available then.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I could not find option to enable AHCI in the BIOS. Anyways, this drive's partition is not recognized by any system. I tried connecting the SATA/USB enclosure on other systems incl VISTA too. Strangely it works well when I place it back into my laptop. It doesnt seem to like the enclosure and thats what is intriguing me. The larger drive works in both the laptop and enclosure...
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