8800 GTS SLI and dual monitors

I have an 8800 GTS and a P7N Diamond (780i) motherboard. I was thinking of getting another 8800 GTS to put them in SLI, but currently have a dual monitor setup.

I know that SLI will only support a single monitor. I have heard about a solution involving using an ATI card as well as the SLIed nVidia cards.

I didn't know if anyone had any experience with this, but I may try it in the near future. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good ATI card that can easily support 1680x1050 and run without additional power from the PSU - just using the power from the board. I will be using that monitor for no gaming at all (as the other one will be running from the SLIed video cards).

I also was wondering if anyone has heard any rumors about price drops for the 8800 GTS in the near future - with the release of the 9800 GTX+ and the further drops in prices of the GTX 280/260.

Thanks to anyone who can give any advice on this.
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  1. Ok, even if you have never done this before, can someone suggest an ATI card that will run resolutions at 1680x1050 and not need a PCIE 6-pin power connector (receives power from the board)?

  2. Ok...I know this is shameless, but I really need some help.

    What kind of slightly older model ati card do I get that needs no power connector and can run 1680x1050?

    Will a 1650 work? 1950? 2400? 2600?

    Anyone have an idea? Please help me out.

  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102749

    Only thing is, Idk if it'll get the required power from a PCI-E 4x or whatever extra slot you have. You'd have to wait for someone to answer that for ya.
  4. I have plenty of extra slots - P7N diamond - it has:

    PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 2 (1x16+1x8)
    PCI Express x16 - 2
    PCI Express x1 - 2
    PCI Slots - 1

    For now I only have 1 8800 GTS (g92) in a PCI-E 2.0 slot, the Xi-Fi card in the PCI x1 and a TV tuner in the PCI slot. That leaves me with plenty of slots open.

    I appreciate the response. Thanks Dalyinx.
  5. Ok...now I am lookin at the 1650 that you suggest, the 2400 (XT and Pro), and the 3650. They all seem like they are viable options.

    The 1650 is cheap, and seems like it should do the job. There will be no gaming on that monitor, so I don't think I need a ton of power on that thing.

    Anyone have a preference on the above listed cards:

    2600 Pro
    2600 XT

    Thanks again for all the help.
  6. I hear that the 3650 is like an in-between for the XT and the pro. I can find the 2xxx series cards for pretty cheap and they seem like they would be plenty good for basic 22" monitor use (even dual monitor it seems).

    Thanks for the help.
  7. I think I'll end up with a 2600 pro for something like $30 or so (and a free game) - never played Witcher, but if it's free, it could be fun.

    Here's a cool link that I want to keep in mind for setting up SLI and dual monitors:

  8. I'm keeping this forum for anyone who needs to reference how to use SLI and multiple monitors in XP and Vista (mostly for me).

    Now I'm trying to see if my pic and signature will show up.
  9. More reference material for me: Power Supplies

  10. ur the one that made this thread and your doing all the talking:D lol Thats a new 1:P

    Unless You have a Dual GPU Nvidia Card, you won't be able to have Dual Monitor SLI:P
  11. I am keeping it up so I have all of the things in it to reference for later - one bookmark vs several and all the googling :).

    I read that many have had success with SLI and dual monitors - 3 cards (2 in SLI and 1 for the additional monitor(s)).

    There are links for XP and Vista. I have read that it works for many people. I will check it out when I decide to go SLI and still want both of my 22" monitors.
  12. Can't wait for the "Big Bang II" and getting another 8800 GTS :)

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