Error Message COOD11BA, no sound at all, for about 3 months

I made a complete reinstall and I lost all my sound completely in doing so. The error message says, "NO ACTIVE MIXER DEVICES AVAILABLE", and the error code is COOD11BA. I've tried everything, even where there are 2 yellow question mark errors by sound devices plug and play where it says to hit run now, that doesn't work. Its really kind of lousy with no sound but i'm almost getting used to it. Any help will be very much appreciated, ty,
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  1. Find the drivers for your sound device. If it is integrated to the motherboard, it is on the CD that came with the board. If you have a sound card, the drivers are on its CD.

    Also, you can find usually find current/updated drivers at the manufacturer's web sites. If you post your system manufacturer and model, or motherboard manufacturer and model, or your sound card manufacturer and model, we can post a link to your sound driver.
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