Would this GeForce 4 be worthwhile to be overclocked?

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  1. It wouldnt play any games today but it would give you some experience in the world of O/C
  2. Is it worth a try with my current pc-specs or could I just gain a few more frames with OC.

    Spellforce runs quite acceptable on my system, could I make it run even better with OC?


    How much should I increase the GPU/RAM clock in the begin
  3. I had a ti4400 (model above yours) and it was a monster overclocker for its time, even though it ran as hot as a furnace. Providing you don't run into a CPU bottleneck you should be able to gain a decent performance boost from overclocking, just keep it cool. You could try overclocking your CPU too.
  4. Makes me want to take my own old hardware and see if I can successfully fry it

    Heheh :)
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