Please help QUICK!! Xigmatek s1283 Fan Not spinning

hello, just build a whole new rig. q6600, p35 board, 4850, etc.

i put a xigmatek s1283 cooler on it, and the fan is NOT spinning. its power cord is plugged into the CPU FAN slot on the mobo.

please help quick as it is installing win xp right now, and i want to figure this out asap.

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  1. anyone got any ideas??/ should i just shut it off during the win xp install???

    i got an antec 900 case with a giant fan right above it, and just put a house fan blowing at full power into the case

    i think i just got a dead fan from them. after windows finishes installig, im gonna grab a fan from another comp and plug it in a see what happens
  2. sorry to keep posting . .. just talking myself through this

    it seems like the fan wants to start spinning, will move maybe 1 degree very slightly but then stop

    **** i dont wanna fry my brand new q6600
  3. Ok how many slots on the fan connector and how many pins on the mobo? If one is 3 and the other 4, either turn the connector around or move it up one pin. Also the larger cooler fans don't come on asap, they take a bit of time for the thermo sensor to kick them in. Make sure you check you mobo manual to ensure your looking at the right connector.
  4. and fans are so simple electronically that you rarely/never see DOA fans.
  5. Dont worry. The default bios setting is probably cool n' quiet or whatever and the cpu isnt hot enough to start it spinning. Go into bios and set fan control to disabled if you want it to spin at full speed.
  6. ok, double checked everything. its a 4 wire/4 pin off the fan going into a 4 pin connector called CPU FAN on mobo. it appears to only go one directions, so i think its oriented correctly.

    so to others with the xigmatek s1823 ----- does the fan on its heatsink spin up right away, or since its thermo controlled like you guys suggest, it will spin up once it get hot enough???

    i will check into bios setting for this now

    thanks again to all for the answers, i just really dont want to fry this chip

    EDIT = disabled smart fan control in bios and now its spinning. t

    hanks to vertigon, kari, and ubermoose
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