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Stop Error Caused By A Mouse?

Hello, my computer just "blue screened" for the first time. I have had no major problems with it prior to this.

I have been having issues with my mouse. It seems to have a short somewhere in the cord. I constantly receive messages that a hardware device has been connected or disconnected as I move the mouse about. Of course, after each "disconnected" message, I cannot control the cursor until I tilt the cord to a different angle. I figured it was just an annoyance I could tolerate until I pick up a new mouse.

My computer "blue screened" for the first time just a few minutes ago. Analysis revealed that it was a hardware related stop error, but could not identify the device that was malfunctioning. As the mouse is the most obvious hardware issue, could that be the cause? Is that even possible? Or should I dig deeper?

Yes, simply replacing the mouse is a quick and inexpensive fix, but my real fear is that it will placate me without resolving the real issue, especially if it was not the mouse that caused the stop error.
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    If the cord is broken, it could have caused the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) - the signal was unexpectedly interrupted. Try replacing the mouse, even gaming mice are cheaper than most other hardware components.
  2. I have swapped out the mouse. So far, so good. Here's to hoping!

    Thank you for your help.
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