8800gt Scores low on 3DMARK 06 test

Hey, i recently purchased a graphics card and ran a test on 3dmark 06 with it. I got a score of 8121. I know

that something like my CPU is bottlenecking my graphics card. I was just wondering what can i do to help

stop my computer from bottlenecking it as much. I overclocked the card later on and i still got the same score

but around 100 points higher. Can someone please tell me what i can do to help reduce the ammount of

bottlenecking my computer is doing to my video card.

Thanks :D :D :D

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180
2 gb RAM
360 gb hardrive
Microsoft Vista
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  1. What are your scores in the individual benchs?

    You could always oc the proc :D
  2. well if the CPU is bottlenecking then OCing the cad will do nothing, OC your CPU instead, I think there are a bunch of OCing guides for that CPU on the forums
  3. Overclock your CPU.
  4. yeah overlock that cpu. the pentium dual-cores can get up to 3Ghz easily without changing the voltage.
  5. yes over clock the cpu... but 3dmark scores aare mainly uncomparable between systems... vantage did a better job of limiting the gap between same system scores... but now with physx its even more pointless...

    all in all 3dmark is just a bragging tool... it doesn't test anything anymore... my 8800 gts 640 gets 12 k in 3dmark so what? the gts 512 gets 15 k.... so what... the difference between the cards isn't 25%

    I believe 3dmarks should not matter and should not be tested in reviews... but w/e if you think some pointless synthetic benchmark that doesn't translate into actual game performance... thats up to you
  6. I have an overclocked E2180 at 2.93 Ghz in a G31M-S2L Gigabyte (f5d bios )motherboard any further and the system becomes unestable ...if u have an P35 or g33 motherboard u can go further ... my socres with a 8800 GTS 320 mb 320 bit edition is 10660 ... my videocard is also overcloked at 630 clock 2000 memory (1000x2) 1566 shaders clock ...
  7. Thats not that bad? I was thinking much worse just reading the title.
  8. I like how everyone that dont like the score they got says its pointless, and a different app or game thats tweaked for their system, they say thats better.

    Same thing with the Vista index score.

    All benches are just a general guideline. It dont matter if its 3DMARK06 or Crysis.

    Another thing FPS dont mean jack either. I built two identicle systems, but one had a 3870, and the other had a 8800gt. The 8800gt scored higher then the 3870, but the 3870 graphics looked way better.

    Im not a Nvidia fan or ATI, I'm just stating the facts that I saw with my own eyes. I use onboard graphics from Intel. LoL. I have a 360 for my gaming.
  9. @OP, overclock your CPU and you will get up to 11000ish.
  10. I used to have a OC e2160 @3.2ghz with a EVGA OC 8800 GT and i got over 10k for sure. Just OC your cpu, you don't even need an aftermarket HSF, stock is good enough.
  11. ok thanks everyone

    but can someone tell me any good CPU overclock guides out there

    i really dont want to srew ma comp up with some messed up guide

    AND OSMD what guide did u use in particular?
  12. hello??????
  13. I read a lot before i started but u need to tell me what motherboard and memory spped u have mine's 4 example is a g31 with a 800 mhz ddr2 corsair xms2 memory ... in the bios if u own a gigabyte press in the main menu shift + F1 and go to advance options and set the memory in 266 mhz (bec ause once u increase th front side bus ...FSB... the memory speeds will go higher as well ...so dont overclok right away get low bus speed first in the memory ... set the video card bus seed at 100 Mhz not let it set in auto ... then try times in the memory like 555-18 the other banks leave it in auto .. u can set auto in the fist times as well if ur motherboard allows u to do that ...mines does....

    Then u can star setting the FSB increase fist the FSB up to 300 and u will also notice that the memory speed have increase as well then increase the CPU voltage usually is set 1.30 or lower increase it at 1.40 (mines 1.48 because in the windows the Cpu is undervoltage by 0.4 at 1.44 but super estable no more no less in my case = Tool CPU-Z will give u all the info u need and is free just google it ) .... i prefer to change the multiplier to 9 instead 10 by default because is more estable ... now 300 * 9 = 2700 from 2000 no bad ... reboot and wait until the motherboard comes back take a 10 seconds or less ...(if fails doing it u will here a double boot = that means all settings havent pass ) if is good just increase the FSB up to 333 * 9 = 2997 GHz i prefer dont go further if u dont have a motherboard northbridge fan ... the passive one will be go like 1332 MHZ any further buy a fan for better cooling solution ...
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