2 DSL Modem/Router, how to extend range?

I don't know the exact definition of wireless bridging and how it works but will that help my internet connection? I have been having bad wireless internet connection issues.

If bridging won't work, anyway I can utilize my two DSL modem/ wireless routers (Westel 327W) to help my network?

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  1. Run a speed test with your laptop connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable.
    Wired should give your best speed. Your baseline.


    Then run the speed test with the laptop connected via wireless. Test at various ranges and locations.

    Try a using a utility like Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to scan the airwaves for other access points.
    This will also show your signal strength.

    Maybe a channel change of the router will help.

    You may need to add a bridge if there is a significant drop in signal within the area of use.
  2. I have a different problem, I can't connect to the internet via wireless. When ever I try to connect it says unable to connect (on all my computers plus the ipod touch).

    I need to turn the router/modem off and on to use wireless. And sometimes that doesn't even work.

    Can someone tell me what bridging is in simplistic terms? And will I be able to bridge my connection?

  3. There are two types of bridging when you speak of wireless internet access.

    1. Bridging your modem:
    The router functions in the modem are turned off per the instructions from your ISP.
    The modem becomes a "pass through" device.
    You then connect a better quality wireless router to the modem and the router is assigned the IP address
    and undertakes all the router functions for your local network.

    2. Wireless bridge:
    Is a device that is added to a wireless network to extend the range of the network.
    It connects to the existing wireless access point and handles the connections of the
    wireless computers closest to it. Bridging the connections to the router.

    Example: Access point on one side of your house, wireless bridge on the other side of the house.
    Full signal strength all around your house.

    Neither will solve your problem if you cannot connect.
    Sounds like a bad or going bad modem/router.
  4. I actually got the wireless connection back working. I had to hard reset my router/modem.

    I am not even sure if my routers can even support a wireless bridge. It is a Westell 327W. Can anyone guide me on setting up a wireless bridge? I have no idea where to start. All these network stuff are all new to me.
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