New 4850 8.6v Drivers, low 3d mark..real low

I benchmarked my pc on 3DMARK 05 AND 06..I got 18645 on 05...and 10907 on 06. My PC shouldn't be getting that low of a score. Can i blame this on the drivers?

..I've been reading lots of recent posts...a guy with an oc'd e2160 and 8800gt got a higher score than my e6750 @ 3.6 and ATI 4850 @ 625 1000.....AHH!
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  1. My 4850 scored 9380 in 3dMark06 with a C2D E6400, 2GB 667Mhz Ram, 80GB Samsung HDD, P31 chipset which was disappointing as it was reviewed getting 11-12,000 marks (albeit with different kit).

    I bought it for FSX and it has made little improvement. Also, my Sapphire version didn't come with a 2Gb memory stick in the box or 3DMark 06 on CD as reviewed.

    Yet to see what the fuss is about. Starting to feel dubious about its real performance.
  2. Well, the reason it didn't make any significant difference on FSX is that FSX is primarily CPU bound. It runs just as well on my old E6600/ Radeon X1300 system as it does on my laptop with a T7600/Geforce Go 7950GTX. This doesn't mean that an X1300 is as good as the Go 7950GTX though.
  3. how does it perform in games? if it performs great, just dont look at the 3dmark scores... problem solved! ^_^b
  4. 3dmark scores don't mean crap... your system is better than mine and I get 12 k in 3dmark... it doesn't matter...

    I currently run a e6420 and a 8800 gts 640
  5. Well, I wouldn't really rely on such programs.... Because 3DMark isn't really what it used to be...... I mean if you'd rely on 3DMark... Then the Radeon 2900XTX is the fastest video card out there.......

    I would suggest Crysis, Bioshock, or pretty much any PC game out there and benchmark it yourself.....

    ... Because I'm quite sure your computer is faster than mine although my score on 3DMark06 is 9300.......

    Athlon64 X2 5600 @ 3Ghz / Radeon 3850 256MB user here.
  6. 3dmark06 haven't changed since... you know, '06. :na:
    The problem is, if you get low bench score, even if it's not the card that's at fault, whatever problem it is would also likely affect real games to various degrees.
  7. Ok, I get it now, the score on my pc isn't much below the site's 114**. They have a wolfdale at 3.6 vs my Conroe at 3.6ghz...I guess it was the diff between 114** and 109**. I'll try 1024x768 and see what i get. Thanks for all your input. The new card is deff better than my OLD 7900gs...I'm glad I got it. :D
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