Abit p35 MOBO with a 4870X2 please help guys!

Hi i just ordered a custom build from overclockers.co.uk:


Basically, it has a 4870X2 but comes with an Abit IP35 Pro Intel P35 (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

The thing is, i read here that the 4870X2 needs a pcie2.0 slot and i don't believe this mobo has one, even though overclockers assured me that it does.

I read this article on ATI that got me worried:


The guy doesn't have a pcie2.0 slot and is gettign bad performance.

Please help me guys before they build it!!!! will my build be ok, and will this beastly GPU work to full potential?

Many thanks for the help, as usual the best place to come for pc worries
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  1. I really doubt overclockers, being a well recognised company, would bundle one of their system's with a motherboard that isn't compatible with the video card, or doesnt work very well.
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