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Well, I have had this PS for a while now, it's been powering a 8800GTX for the entirety of its life. When the R700 comes out, I was planning to use this PS to boot that card up. I see that the R700 needs 1X 6pin connector and 1X 8pin connector to juice it. My power supply has 2X 6pins and no 8pin connectors. Does that basically mean i'm SoL and have to buy a new PS to power the R700? or is there some sort of adapter thingy I could get my hands on.
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  1. One of the 6 pins has an optional 2 pin block attached to it. (6+2pin)
    Its the same method of the mother board connector, it's 20 pin, with a detachable 4 pin block. (20+4pin)
  2. Or the GPU will come with an adapter.
  3. Nope, no 6+2 pin, just 2 6pins. What kind of adapter would it come with? I'm running thantec 900 so I don't have many loose ends to hook the adapter to : /
  4. I have this PSU. I just double checked (by opening my case and finding the wire lol) to make sure I was correct. The PCIe-2 connector has the normal 6 pins, and an extra 2 pins hanging off. Are you sure you have the 700w version of the gamexstream series?
  5. Yes, I am sure it's 700W. How old is your PS? I bought this thing when it was top of the line brand spanking new, so maybe they added it into their later revisions.
  6. Well, I was unable to figure out if the R700 or similar graphics cards that need a 8pin connector come with converters of some sort. Now, I found something that I think would do the trick for me.
    Now, that being said, would this converter supply enough power to the graphics card, or will the card be limited because of the conversion.
  7. shouldn't matter how you get the power to it. as long as you have sufficient amps' to run it you'll be fine. [as long as you don't cross any wire doing it ;)]
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