New case has 1394, Mobo doesn't ?

I bought a new case which has a 1394 firewire port on the front:

I put my mobo in the new case and realized that my mobo does not have a place for the front 1394 to plug into. I have 2 unused "front usb" ports on the mobo which have the same pin pattern. Is it safe to plug the 1394 into that?
my mobo:

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  1. No! They are not the same kind of port. If you need a firewire port, you'll need to buy an add-in card.
  2. If you plug the 1394 into a USB port you could destroy the motherboard.
    Get a PCI Firewire card if you need it. Most of us don't need firewire.
  3. OH! good thing i didnt just "try" it!!! I almost did... then thought I should ask around first! hahah!

    I do video editing with firewire, so I guess I'll have to put a card in!

  4. Does your camcorder or camera also have USB, by any chance? Maybe you can just use that.
  5. it depends on the firewire. if it is 800, dont go with USB, it will seem slow.
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