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I'm trying to spec a machine that will end of driving 4 1080p TVs.

The machine will be displaying 4 video feeds per monitor. I am looking at motherboards that have 2 PCIe 16x, then getting 2 dual DVI-out video cards.

My questions:

1. If the motherboard is SLI/CrossFire/etc, can I still use the cards independently? (i assume yes,but you never know).

2. What kind of video card is needed to put out that kind of video? The video is coming via a stream, so there isnt much processing. Having 4 HD full screens going all the time has me worried. Do I need something high end like a Quadro FX3500 256MB? A little lower like ATI 3870X. Or just something with just dual DVI?

thanks for any input
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  1. I'm pretty sure something like 2 4850s would work well. As long as you dont enable crossfire, you can still use the cards interdependently and you can use all four DVI outputs.
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